Friday, March 29, 2019

[Event] Skylines under the bridge

Last weekend the Norcal Skyline community had the honor of hosting Alex Qureitem of Q-motive photography. He shoots media campaigns for the OEMs, owns an R32 GT-R, and generally loves taking photos of Skylines around the world.

I met up with some local owners in Mountain View and we drove up to Fort Baker, just on the Marin side of the Golden Gate bridge, to meet Alex. I didn't expect such a big turnout of Skylines - 12 in all. With perfect weather, golden hour lighting, and a world-class backdrop, it was a gathering to remember. Definitely the most Skyline's I've ever seen in one place.

I guess the only good lineup photo was taken on my phone.

Alex gets 'em lined up just right.

Beautiful location, muddy lot.

Craig steals the show with his R34 M-Spec Nur. Damn.

Wish I'd gotten a little bit better exposure here. Had to crank the dials to make it come out - cool shot.

We were all feeling really cool with our R32s, and then this incredible Hakosuka showed up. If I heard correctly, the owner braved 2.5 hours of traffic to join us.

This meeting was a great warm-up for tomorrow's marquee NorCal Skyline event - the first-ever Skyline Matsuri! We will be visiting Fort Baker at sunset (again) so look forward to more photos like these, but with 3x the Skylines.

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