Saturday, March 23, 2019

[Skyline] Rubber body baby bumpers

I noticed that the rubber bumpers on my hood and trunk were looking tired. After a while the rubber gets crushed out of shape and hardens up. This is a quick post to show which bushings go where, and how many you need.

The goods

65822-01M00. There are two of these total, one per side. They twist in to the body and can be screwed in/out to adjust the hood flushness to the fenders.

84807-U0100. There are four of these used on the hood. Two are at the front...

Two are along the side edges, halfway down. I didn't order enough of these guys so this is one of the crushed and oversprayed originals. Comparing this photo and the last, you can see how much they crush down over time.

01658-01811. There are two of these, on the back edge of the trunk.

01658-00881. There are two of these at the front edge of the trunk on either side.

80872-W1010. One per door, they go on the bottom corner.

01658-01121. There are two of these used on the fuel door.

The new parts knocked out the rattle I was getting over rough surfaces from the hood and trunk. For five minutes of work it's a no-brainer.

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