Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hello World

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

My name is Magnus, and I like cars. This is a blog about cars. It will at least be about my cars, and what I'm doing with them, but maybe it'll be about other peoples' cars too. I could also get tired of this after two months, and then it will be about nobody's cars.

Automobiles are a great life-long hobby, one that offers so many different avenues for enjoyment. Some people get a kick out of turning wrenches, or reading about the design and engineering that went into new models. Other people enjoy taking photos of or writing about them, or talking about them too much to their significant others. Many enjoy driving them, or watching races. Me - I enjoy all of these things.

I have never been a blog man before today - well, we don't need to talk about the LiveJournal I kept in high school. I'm here because I bought an old car and I want to write about it. Typically when I buy something, I go out and find the online forum and make my little "build thread," which ends up being a diary of sorts. Unfortunately there isn't a forum for this car that I feel like joining.

The usual social media outlets are transient - information is hot, and builds up a head of steam quickly, spreads, and then expires with the advent of the next thing. Not great when I'm trying to keep a record of how things happen over time, and progress from a starting point. So here it is.

Follow along if you like, hopefully you find these posts entertaining and maybe even informative.

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