Wednesday, April 22, 2020

[M3, Skyline] Mini-photoshoot

[note: this post, like an air-cooled 911, is back-dated to when these events occurred] 

The local paint shop isn't able to get custom-mixed paint during the shutdown so I'm rolling around on 15s and some 2014-coded tires.

I received a small batch of parts, nothing too wild. 15mm spring pads for the rear of the car, some new throttle body anti-tamper caps, parts to correct the turn signal mounting on the front bumper. 

Yellow and blue caps are both available new at time of writing. 
Yellow: 13-11-1-265-509 
Blue: 13-11-1-265-510

Interestingly, and you might notice in the photo above, two of the yellow caps did not match the other two (top/bottom). I don't dig the yellow anyway so I installed blue. Order 8 caps if you're going yellow to make sure you can get a matching foursome.

New front turn signal lenses because they're cheap.

My wife had the sewing machine out, making face masks, so I asked her to modify my driver-side Lloyd mat. The dead pedal extension has a tendency to fold and flop into my pedals during driving - no good. Even worse, it covers up my M-Tech dead pedal! So it had to go. She was able to recover the piping/edging from the removed section and make it look great in the end.

This weekend I was bored, and both of the cars were clean, so I drove 50 yards to the local school and took some photos. And because I'm still bored, I paid for Lightroom and spent some time tonight learning about its capabilities. I would pay good money to see a photo straight off of Larry Chen's camera and watch him take it through his editing process. Obviously you can't solve composition, vision, etc in postproduction but I would LOVE to see how much time is spent in the editing stage and if there is some secret million-dollar filter presets that really bring the magic out of these images. I also wonder how on earth he can turn images around so quickly.

This is my sixth BMW, yet the only straight-6 I've owned is a Nissan. Funny.

Next projects on deck: front fascia redux. I've got the parts to try to rectify the front turn indicator mounting, and while I'm at it I want to install my Evo bumper seal and see what I can do to secure the back of the Evo under tray, which is kind of flapping in the breeze. Stay safe everybody.

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